Monday, January 31, 2011

Task 3 - Goal Setting

Be realistic with your goals.  Easy said than done Mish.  I am one of those classic people that set goals which are totally unreachable.  Instead of saying I wan to be able to run 10kms at the end of the 12WBT (and I can't even run to the end of the street), I would say, I want to run a half marathon at the end of the 12WBT!  I would then train flat out for the first couple of weeks, burn myself out and then sit in front of the TV with a burger and chips and make all the excuses under the sun.  Not this time.  I have sat down and really thought about where I want to go and what I want to achieve throughout the 12WBT and beyond.  I have never even thought about doing a marathon, or half marathon, although I have entered two fun runs and actually not turned up!  But why can't I do a marathon in 12 months?  What is stopping me from making that commitment.  If I remove all the excuses, there is nothing.  So I'm putting it out there people, I want to run a marathon in 12 months!  So here are the rest of my goals.  Right now, I'm hoping that they will all happen, but no doubt they will also change throughout the 12WBT and beyond.  But you have to start somewhere.

1 Month Goals

Lose 3kgs, run 3km without stopping. Stick to the eating and exercise plan EVERY DAY!!!

How I Will Get There

Start the running program. Follow the 12WBT meal and exercise program EVERY DAY!!!

3 Month Goals

Lose 7 kgs. Run 10kms without stopping. Throw away my "fat" clothes for good. Be confident about myself and my body. Don't be afraid to put myself first in relation to exercise. Make that my number one priority. Don't have a drink during the week during the 12WBT.

How I Will Get There

Follow the program. Don't buy alcohol to have in the house. Be strong enough not to have a drink during the week. If someone invites me somewhere, say I can come later or not at all.

6 Month Goals

Run a half marathon.  Maintain my weight

How I Will Get There
Follow training program.

12 Month Goals

Run a marathon. Be maintaining my weight and health. Start trying for a family. Buy a jet ski.

How I Will Get There

Training every day and following plan. Don't spend money on crap!

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